Thursday, 23 July 2009

TrickyDiscoMix: Sell By Dave - Fourth Bass: I Feel Space v UFO

Last Saturday night I guested at a fantastic party put on my friends from I FEEL SPACE and UFO, two of Bristol's best club nights. Boxcutter headlined with a fantastic set, and after a particularly heavy bass mix-up from local Bristol leg end ThinKing I got to finish the night off with some late night faves.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, got some great feedback from punters and really mixed it up in energetic fashion. So, on Monday night, I decided to have a go at laying down a spontaneous mix inspired by Saturday night's shenanigans. And here it is.

Called 'Fourth Bass' (it's a kind of follow up to Third Bass, posted here earlier this year), it's a mix of tracks I played that night with a few additions. It's not exactly the same set, but it has a similar flow and vibe - lots of energetic mixing, records overlapping, punching tunes in and out of the mix quite quite quick. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. It was recorded in one go with no overdubs or edits using two turntables, a mixer and a CDJ.

The tracks are a mix of classics, remixes, my own edits and some new stuff. Think Mujave, the Black Dog, Salt City Orchestra, Brooks, Derrick Carter, Fast Eddie, Ladycop, DJ T, Paul Woolford, the Juan MacLean, the Electric Press, EMVEE, Falty DL and Lee Douglas. Full tracklist to come.


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