Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fresh from the scalpel…

Last Friday the curtain fell on our long-running best before: night with a blow-out party and a limited edition CD giveaway. That, 'The Final Version' featured a bunch of unreleased reworks and re-edits. Since only 50 lucky people got a CD, we thought we'd share some of those edits here. We've also included a couple of cuts that weren't on the CD.

So, without further ado, here's a selection on scalpel jobs… Click on the track titles to go directly to the applicable download page.

Barnstorming early 90s Warp moment given a bit of a going over. Hey hey!

The end of night best before: anthem, reworked, extended and played around with. Getting some great feedback from DJs so far…

Our first Pointless Edits release from 2007, re-cut for the '09 (and those with short memories)

The original is too long. So we made it shorter and punchier. I wanna rock!

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Final Version

When we decided to call time on our long running best before: party, we thought it would be good to mark the occasion with something extra-special. First, we decided that a bit of a farewell bash was in order, and secured the services of our old pal and regular guest Chris Duckenfield for the occasion. Then we started thinking about doing something special to giveaway - a mix CD or limited artwork. Then we had a brain wave: we'd put together a disc featuring exclusive unreleased re-edits, reworks and remixes from DJs in the best before: family and give it away at the 'Final Curtain' party. Except there's a twist - we'd press up just 50 CDs.

So, here it is: 'The Final Version'.

To say that we're a bit chuffed with it is an understatement. We asked Chris Duckenfield if he fancied offering up some unreleased Popular Peoples Front fodder for the disc, and to our surprise he agreed, sending over a number of belters for the CD. We also asked some of our regular DJs and friends in Bristol for contributions. The response was impressive, and 'The Final Version' boasts gems from Al Dare (resident at BYTE and Socialism) and Vast & Bulbous, whose 'I Love You Too Much' edit is a doozy. The disc also features a couple of classics we released on Pointless Edits - from Hardway Brothers and Thumbs Aloft respectively - and a clutch of edits done specially for 'The Final Curtain' party from yours truly.

There's only one way to get the CD, and that's to head down to Native in Bristol on Friday 20th March for our farewell bash. Come down and claim a piece of history… and enjoy our last hurrah!

More info, including tracklisting, very soon!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Last Chance To Dance!

We've gone multimedia! Our promo video for the forthcoming best before: party at Native. Incidentally, the music is a special re-edit of a classic.