Wednesday, 10 June 2009

TrickyDiscoMix: Sean Kelly & Sell By Dave - Redfield Sessions Vol 2

Ey up! It's been a while since we've posted any new music (or articles, for that matter). Praise be, then, for this new mix offering from yours truly and Sean Kelly.

A couple of years ago, when Sean and I shared a house, we recorded an 'off the cuff' mix which we called 'The Redfield Sessions'. It featured a mixture of wonky, dubbed-out disco, house, acid, techno, old skool electro and nu-disco. It was a little rough round the edges (it was recorded live, with no post production) but great fun. Last week Sean suggested we get together and lay down another mix. The results can be downloaded below.

We set the recording going and then just mixed, until, nearly 2 hours later, we decided to stop. Since we've given it a listen and reckon it's worth sharing, so it's presented below in it's original state, cut into two palatable chunks. Part 1 is just over 50 minutes, and eases us in with a variety of largely downtempo/beatsy flavours – aqua-crunk, wonk-hop, slo-mo space funk, electro, mutant disco, deep house and the like. Part 2 goes more uptempo, boasting italo, nu-disco, acid house, classic rave-isms, garage, stupidly wonlt beats, dub house and even a bit of Kelley Polar Quartet. Enjoy!

Part 1 (51 mins)

1. Chilled By Nature - Otherness [Black Mustang's Frozen Moon Jam]/Outkast - Playaz Ball
2. Harmonic 313 - Quadrant 3
3. Atlantic Conveyor - You Got Me
4. Floating Points - Love Me Like This [Radio]
5. Severed Heads - The Ant Can Legs
6. Osborne - Out Of Sight [Luke Vibert Remix]
7. Arcadion - Fly Vision
8. Her Bad Habit - My Bad Habit
9. Truffle Club - She Made Me
10. X-Rabit & DSG - Thundercat
11. MV v RM - Witness Heads
12. Vagabond - Sweat [Toddla T Instrumental]
13. Paul White - (unknown)

Part 2 (58 mins) ** new download link added 14/7/09 **

14. 40 Thieves - Click Naif
15. Syclops - Where's Jason's K?
16. M-D-M - Get Acidic
17. Pierre's Fantasy Club - Fantasy Girl
18. Blackfinger - VMF
19. M.I.A - Tactic Boyz
20. Slugabed - Let's Go Swimming
21. Falty DL - Human Meadow [Luke Vibert Remix]
22. MJ Cole - Wondering Why [Dub]
23. Housemeister - Vakum
24. Dorian Concept - Vertical Output
25. Alden Tyrell - Another Explosion
26. Modeslsektor - Sucker Pin [Feadz Mix]
27. Richard Sen & Cazbee - 2 Up, 2 Down
28. Keley Polar Quartet - Maurizio