Sunday 22 November 2009

TrickyDiscoVideo: Kelpe LIVE at I Feel Space

On Saturday 21st November, DC Recordings' highly regarded Kelpe came to Bristol to play a live set at the I Feel Space party at LAB Club. The set they played was superb - lively, energetic, tight and above all heavy. It had the LAB crowd going crazy.

Tricky Disco was there and filmed some of the set for posterity. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday 23 July 2009

TrickyDiscoMix: Sell By Dave - Fourth Bass: I Feel Space v UFO

Last Saturday night I guested at a fantastic party put on my friends from I FEEL SPACE and UFO, two of Bristol's best club nights. Boxcutter headlined with a fantastic set, and after a particularly heavy bass mix-up from local Bristol leg end ThinKing I got to finish the night off with some late night faves.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, got some great feedback from punters and really mixed it up in energetic fashion. So, on Monday night, I decided to have a go at laying down a spontaneous mix inspired by Saturday night's shenanigans. And here it is.

Called 'Fourth Bass' (it's a kind of follow up to Third Bass, posted here earlier this year), it's a mix of tracks I played that night with a few additions. It's not exactly the same set, but it has a similar flow and vibe - lots of energetic mixing, records overlapping, punching tunes in and out of the mix quite quite quick. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. It was recorded in one go with no overdubs or edits using two turntables, a mixer and a CDJ.

The tracks are a mix of classics, remixes, my own edits and some new stuff. Think Mujave, the Black Dog, Salt City Orchestra, Brooks, Derrick Carter, Fast Eddie, Ladycop, DJ T, Paul Woolford, the Juan MacLean, the Electric Press, EMVEE, Falty DL and Lee Douglas. Full tracklist to come.

Wednesday 15 July 2009

The Green Jersey Dub

As usual, we've been a bit slack in updating Tricky Disco lately. The good news is that we've got plenty of material to excite your senses with ready to whack up in the next few weeks.

Look out for extended pieces on 15 years of 2020 Vision, the story of Bleep (20 years on), some fresh mixes and, of course, a bunch of random edits and remixes for your pleasure.

Speaking of which, in honour of the Tour de France, which is currently keeping us captivated, we were inspired to cut up an old skool electro classic by a well-known collective of cycling-obsessed German robots. Perhaps the original shouldn't have been touched, but we were quite keen on making a more beatsy version that gets rid of some of the frillier melodic elements. It's only a short little sprint through the track, so we've named our version after the Green Jersey - the silly outfit given to the top sprinter (currently the Norwegian chap on the right, but previously Britain's own sprint king Mark Cavendish).

So here it is:

On another note, those in Bristol should head down to LAB (what was formerly the Arc Bar) on Saturday 18th July for I FEEL SPACE & UFO. This collaboration between two of the city's most open-minded quality party crews sees a heavyweight double-header of headliners: Boxcutter and Various Production. Tricky Disco will be in attendance, with Sell By Dave playing acid/bleep/warehouse related fodder downstairs alongside the superb Placid and Joe Hart. Seven quid on the door, or a fiver in advance. Get involved - i should be an amazing party.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

TrickyDiscoMix: Sean Kelly & Sell By Dave - Redfield Sessions Vol 2

Ey up! It's been a while since we've posted any new music (or articles, for that matter). Praise be, then, for this new mix offering from yours truly and Sean Kelly.

A couple of years ago, when Sean and I shared a house, we recorded an 'off the cuff' mix which we called 'The Redfield Sessions'. It featured a mixture of wonky, dubbed-out disco, house, acid, techno, old skool electro and nu-disco. It was a little rough round the edges (it was recorded live, with no post production) but great fun. Last week Sean suggested we get together and lay down another mix. The results can be downloaded below.

We set the recording going and then just mixed, until, nearly 2 hours later, we decided to stop. Since we've given it a listen and reckon it's worth sharing, so it's presented below in it's original state, cut into two palatable chunks. Part 1 is just over 50 minutes, and eases us in with a variety of largely downtempo/beatsy flavours – aqua-crunk, wonk-hop, slo-mo space funk, electro, mutant disco, deep house and the like. Part 2 goes more uptempo, boasting italo, nu-disco, acid house, classic rave-isms, garage, stupidly wonlt beats, dub house and even a bit of Kelley Polar Quartet. Enjoy!

Part 1 (51 mins)

1. Chilled By Nature - Otherness [Black Mustang's Frozen Moon Jam]/Outkast - Playaz Ball
2. Harmonic 313 - Quadrant 3
3. Atlantic Conveyor - You Got Me
4. Floating Points - Love Me Like This [Radio]
5. Severed Heads - The Ant Can Legs
6. Osborne - Out Of Sight [Luke Vibert Remix]
7. Arcadion - Fly Vision
8. Her Bad Habit - My Bad Habit
9. Truffle Club - She Made Me
10. X-Rabit & DSG - Thundercat
11. MV v RM - Witness Heads
12. Vagabond - Sweat [Toddla T Instrumental]
13. Paul White - (unknown)

Part 2 (58 mins) ** new download link added 14/7/09 **

14. 40 Thieves - Click Naif
15. Syclops - Where's Jason's K?
16. M-D-M - Get Acidic
17. Pierre's Fantasy Club - Fantasy Girl
18. Blackfinger - VMF
19. M.I.A - Tactic Boyz
20. Slugabed - Let's Go Swimming
21. Falty DL - Human Meadow [Luke Vibert Remix]
22. MJ Cole - Wondering Why [Dub]
23. Housemeister - Vakum
24. Dorian Concept - Vertical Output
25. Alden Tyrell - Another Explosion
26. Modeslsektor - Sucker Pin [Feadz Mix]
27. Richard Sen & Cazbee - 2 Up, 2 Down
28. Keley Polar Quartet - Maurizio

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Laurent Garnier: A Kleptomaniac Speaks

Just a quick heads up for you. Recently I traveled to London to meet up with a genuine electronic music legend… one Laurent Garnier.

You can read my interview with Monsieur Garnier at Resident Advisor >>

Expect more updates soon, including new mixes, edits and other random shizzle.

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Fresh from the scalpel…

Last Friday the curtain fell on our long-running best before: night with a blow-out party and a limited edition CD giveaway. That, 'The Final Version' featured a bunch of unreleased reworks and re-edits. Since only 50 lucky people got a CD, we thought we'd share some of those edits here. We've also included a couple of cuts that weren't on the CD.

So, without further ado, here's a selection on scalpel jobs… Click on the track titles to go directly to the applicable download page.

Barnstorming early 90s Warp moment given a bit of a going over. Hey hey!

The end of night best before: anthem, reworked, extended and played around with. Getting some great feedback from DJs so far…

Our first Pointless Edits release from 2007, re-cut for the '09 (and those with short memories)

The original is too long. So we made it shorter and punchier. I wanna rock!

Monday 16 March 2009

The Final Version

When we decided to call time on our long running best before: party, we thought it would be good to mark the occasion with something extra-special. First, we decided that a bit of a farewell bash was in order, and secured the services of our old pal and regular guest Chris Duckenfield for the occasion. Then we started thinking about doing something special to giveaway - a mix CD or limited artwork. Then we had a brain wave: we'd put together a disc featuring exclusive unreleased re-edits, reworks and remixes from DJs in the best before: family and give it away at the 'Final Curtain' party. Except there's a twist - we'd press up just 50 CDs.

So, here it is: 'The Final Version'.

To say that we're a bit chuffed with it is an understatement. We asked Chris Duckenfield if he fancied offering up some unreleased Popular Peoples Front fodder for the disc, and to our surprise he agreed, sending over a number of belters for the CD. We also asked some of our regular DJs and friends in Bristol for contributions. The response was impressive, and 'The Final Version' boasts gems from Al Dare (resident at BYTE and Socialism) and Vast & Bulbous, whose 'I Love You Too Much' edit is a doozy. The disc also features a couple of classics we released on Pointless Edits - from Hardway Brothers and Thumbs Aloft respectively - and a clutch of edits done specially for 'The Final Curtain' party from yours truly.

There's only one way to get the CD, and that's to head down to Native in Bristol on Friday 20th March for our farewell bash. Come down and claim a piece of history… and enjoy our last hurrah!

More info, including tracklisting, very soon!