Friday, 23 January 2009

Thumbs Aloft 'Hail To The Edits' Download

Myself and Five-Stylez have been holed up in the Bedmo Disco bunker a lot lately, working on some new Thumbs Aloft material - remixes, edits, original tracks and, of course, our long promised first mixtape. That, 'The Sound Of Bedmo', should be ready by February - our old pal MC Coherent is working on his parts, which we'll overdub and then master the whole thing.

While we were faffing about in the studio last night we came across an old edit we'd done for our shows at Bloom, but never used. It's one of those "gets played occasionally" type numbers that sits on our portable hard drive waiting for the right occasion. With this week's inauguration of President Obama over in the US, it seemed the right time to unleash some presidential disco!

So here, for your entertainment, is a vintage, unreleased Thumbs Aloft edit… 'Hail To The Edits'. Enjoy!