Tuesday, 17 February 2009

TrickyDiscoMix: Sell By Dave - Third Bass

The other night I was playing around with some reckuds and decided to record a mix ‘on the fly’. This is what I came up with – 80 minutes of bassline-heavy garage, house, proto-house and bleep techno.

 It kicks off with one of my favourite ever British garage records, the brilliantly wobbly BB Boogie version of Roy Ayers’ ‘Tell Him’, moving onto a classic record I’ve neglected lately – Todd Edwards’ hugely influential dub of St Germain. Then it’s off for a stroll through bumpin’ house pastures, with Solid Groove, Trevor Loveys and DJ Sneak at the helm. It was nice to revisit Paul Woolford’s always ace tech-house banger ‘For My Bleeps’ (2020 Vision meets early Warp via hip-house) and some heavyweight acid jack from Armando and Swag (under their bootleg ½ Inch Jack guise). The mix then takes a rather odd turn, going from early piano house (West Philips’ 1987 dub of ‘Tell Me’) and party anthem territory (M/A/R/R/S) to The KLF via some very heavy bleep techno vibes (Tricky Disco’s ‘Flyspray’). The whole shebang culminates in some dubby warehouse tackle (Francisco, a very early Todd Terje remix and Serious Intention’s legendary proto-house classic ‘You Don’t Know’). As always, it’s mixed straight from vinyl with no computer trickery, so look out for the crackles and mix adjustments!

1. BB Boogie - Tell Him [Booty Bounce Part 1] (Laws Of Motion)
2. St Germain - Alabama Blues [Todd Edwards Dub Mix] (F Communications)
3. Roy Davis Jnr - About Love [Solid Groove Remix] (Classic)
4. Trevor Loveys - Bouce To This [Trevor's Willsden Rub] (Freerange)
5. Freaks - Washing Machine [DJ Sneak's Longspin] (Music For Freaks)
6. Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru - For My Bleeps (2020 Vision)
7. 1/2 Inch Jack - Red Dragon (1/2 Inch Jack)
8. Armando - Don't Take It [Johnny Fiasco Remix[ (Let's Pet Puppies)
9. West Philips - Tell me [Dub Mix] (Kool Kat)
10. M/A/R/R/S - Pump Up The Volume [Remix] (4AD)
11. Tricky Disco - Flyspray (Warp)
12. The KLF - What Time Is Love [1988 Pure Trance Original] (KLF Communications)
13. Francisco - Fregna (The Age) (Pigna Records)
14. Snuten - Wild & Free (Claws Against Knives) [Todd Terje Night Version] (C&C Records)
15. Serious Intention - You Don't Know [Special Remix] (Easy Street Records)

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