Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hey you, get on my SoundCloud

Ever the upfront, tech-savvy types that we are, we've recently discovered the goodness that is SoundCloud.com. For the uninitiated, it's a Berlin-based music sharing website that aims to give music listeners (and, specifically, DJs/producers/labels) an easy one-stop place to share music. Think of it as a kind of MySpace/Facebook for music, but with 'private' functions that allow you to promo/share tracks directly with friends, other producers and DJs and so on. As you'd expect, you get your own public profile page where you can showcase tracks, as well as a Drop Box (where anyone can deposit tracks for you to check out - very handy). Just like other 'social networking' sites, you can become 'follow' the producers/DJs/labels you're interested in, which means you get alerted when they upload some new music for public consumption. There are also forums and opportunities to comment on tracks (including 'timed comments', where you can say something about a specific bit of a track or mix).  You can also upload music to share 'privately' with just the people you want to hear it. Simple to use and a top idea, we reckon.

If you want to send us tracks, mixes etc, you can dump them in our SoundCloud DropBox here >>

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