Friday, 12 December 2008

Tricky DiscoMix: Sell By Dave's 2nd Seasonal Selection

It wouldn't be Christmas at TD Towers without the obligatory "Seasonal Selection" from yours truly. These mixes tend to feature no Christmas-specific music of any description, instead offering a mix of the new and old, forthcoming bits and the odd unreleased gem. This year's effort is no exception. Like last year's mix, it was put together pretty much on the spot with no forward planning. Hopefully it feels a bit spontaneous - that's the idea.

Tracklist wise, it boasts a mix of some of my recent faves - The Revenge, that Aeroplane mix of Friendly Fires, Downtown Party Network – some classics (Metro Area, Pet Shop Boys, Kelley Polar) – and a heavy dollop of unreleased/forthcoming fare. Look out in particular for the soon-to-be-hyped Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve version of Franz Ferdinand, Mungolian Jet Set's rejected remix of Tough Alliance (never to be released, the Mungs tell us) and a cheeky dab of deep disco house from Ron Basejam's 2009 solo debut. Stylistically there's chugging slo-mo house, nudisco, Italo-pop and more besides. Hopefully you'll find it entertaining - I had fun drunkenly putting it together.

1. Intro/Ron Basejam - Fear (unreleased)
2. BBE - Be Mine (Still Love 4 Music)
3. The Revenge - Night Flight (Jiscomusic)
4. Friendly Fires - Paris [Aeroplane Remix] (XL)
5. Metro Area - Caught Up (Environ)
6. Downtown Party Network - Days Like These [Vocal Version] (Eskimo Recordings)
7. Holy Ghost! – Hold On [Mock & Toof Remix] (DFA)
8. Tough Alliance - A New Chance [Mungolian Jet Set's Rejected Remix] (unreleased)
9. The Glimmers & Pete Herbert - No Head (Diskimo)
10. Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses [Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Interpretation] (Domino)
11. The Flirts - Helpless [DITS v Orlando Edit] (Disco Exotique)
12. Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls [DJ Hell Remix] (Parlophone)
13. Kelley Polar - The Rooms In My House Have So Many Parties (Environ)

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