Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Tricky DiscoMix: The Kelly Twins' 'Galactic Jams'

We've got a bit of a treat for you today in the shape of a brand new bodypoppin' old skool mix from our very own turntable robots, The Kelly Twins. Those who've heard any of their sets in Bristol (where they are residents at best before: and Byte, as well as running their own UFO bash) Plymouth or at Dulo in Sheffield last Saturday will know what to expect - a booming selection of shit-hot old skool tuneage masterfully mixed. Sean and Dan are not known as "the robots" for nothing.

So here it is: their very first old-skool mix up: Two DJs, two turntables, one mixer, recorded live to disk in the old skool manner. No edits or overdubs - the recording is as it was when they recorded it. Yours truly was on hand to witness the recording and there was a great flow and vibe. The resultant mix is fantastic - a proper journey through old skool electro, P-funk, Miami bass, freestyle, electrofunk, 80s funk, synth-pop and gawd knows what else. Enjoy!


1. D.St - Crazy Cuts [Long Version](Island)
2. Whodini - Haunted House Of Rock [Vocoder Version] (Jive)
3. Man Parrish - Hey There Homeboy (unknown)
4. Donna Allen - 'Serious [Dub Version]' (21 Records)
5. George Clinton - 'Scratch Medley: Do Fries Go With That Shake?/Pleasures Of Exhaustion (Do It Till I Drop)' (Capitol Records)
6. Newcleus - Space Is The Place (Sunnyview Records)
7. Royal Cash - Radio Activity [Vocal Long Version]' (Royal Disc)
8. Tramaine - 'Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) [Dub Version]' (A&M)
9. Midnight Star - 'Operator [Vocal/LP Version]' (Solar System)
10. Two Sisters - 'High Noon' (I.R.S Records)
11. L.A Dream Team - 'Rockberry Jam' (Dream Team Records)
12. The World Class Wreckin' Cru - 'World Class [Remix]' (Kru-Cut Records)
13. Jamie Jupitor - 'Computer Power' (Egyptian Empire Records)
14. Rodney O - 'These Are My Beats' (Egyptian Empire Records)
15. Hashim - 'We're Rocking The Planet' (Cutting Records)
16. Chris 'The Glove" Taylor - 'Tibetean Jam' (Ploydor)
17. JJ Fadd - 'Supersonic' (DMC)
18. Dynamix II - 'Just Give The DJ A Break [Club Version]' (Cooltempo)
19. Omega II - 'Sonic Boom [Vocal]' (Showroom Records)
20. The League Unlimited Orchestra - 'Things That Dreams Are Made Of' (Virgin Records)
21. The Cure - 'The Walk' (Fiction Records)
22. Kissing The Pink - 'Big Man Restless' (Atlantic)

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professor Eddy said...

Great mix! I love those electro hiphop beats.