Thursday, 8 May 2008

Daly Edits

Fast-rising deep house producer John Daly (Feel Music etc) has started a new blog called Doublewide Edits, where he'll be posting various sneaky re-edits and reworks he's done over the years. The first edit, of Santana's 'Bahia', is a rather nice piece of summery goodness. Head over to the Doublewide blog now to check it out:

Incidentally, John's also just completed an excellent remix of Toby Tobias' 'The Feeling', which should be out on Rekids shortly. Keep an eye out for it!

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jacques d'inferno said...

Hi dave! The gist of my post was that Your 12" is great (while the b-side is fucking fabulous) and that I had just ordered it:)
Would You like to play a gig in Estonia? We probably can't afford You but it would be great thou...