Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Come Feel Space

This Thursday (17th April) sees the launch of I Feel Space, a new night for Bristol dedicated to all things cosmic, Italo and discoid.

It's the work of a group of DJs and music enthusiasts headed up by SugarTits (or Carlie Dragone as some of us know her) and promises a mix of quality music, fabulous decor and proper disco hedonism.

For the first party, yours truly is the guest. I'm hoping to kick things off with a bang - expect a mixed bag of tricks from across the disco spectrum, with a few Balearic bits thrown in.

For those of us in the West who've long complained about the lack of nights (best before:, Tricky Disco and TAPE excluded) playing this kind of music, I Feel Space is an exciting development. I'd encourage everyone to come down and support it - it is only four quid in after all. Full details below…

I Feel Space presents Cosmic Disco
Thursday 17th April @ Native (Small St, Bristol)

Cosmic, Italo, nu-disco, jackin' techno and shimmering electronics with DJs

Sell By Dave (best before:/Tricky Disco)
Tina Turntables
James L (Wriggle/Wonky)

10pm-3am. £4 door tax. Decor by Fraser Cook ("bringing the exhibition to the club and the club to the exhibition")

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