Wednesday, 2 January 2008

best before: 2008

It wasn't quite what we'd had in mind, but it was certainly a moment. Sometime around midnight on January 1st, 2008, Puffin Jack stopped the music at The Bank for the assembled throng to soak in the moment. And what a moment it was: nearly a hundred people crammed into our tiny backstreet boozer, hugging and embracing friends and random punters alike. There was an especially loud cheer from Richard Carnage, closely followed by a "Bournemouth Dan" special. Polish Tom had his hands firmly aloft. "Happy New Year" greetings were exchanged with regulars and strangers. Just as things promised to get a bit too sentimental, Puffin kicked back in with Liquid's 'Sweet Harmony' and the place went mental. Welcome to 2008 - let's get it on.

2007 had been a memorable year for best before: for so many reasons, first and foremost our return to Bristol clubland. Until I met Rich Carnage and Puffin Jack at the end of 2006, best before: had been away for a while; our last Tricky Disco parties were earlier that year. Once I'd got to know them, I suggested supplementing their Mutant Disco and TAPE bashes with a more disco-flavoured offering at The Bank. They said they'd love to do something. So, in April, best before: was reborn.

Since then, things have gone remarkably well for us. All our 2007 parties at The Bank were memorable, with the Chris Duckenfield, Mudd, Rune Lindbaek and Daniel Donnachie nights standing out. We also memorably guested at Timbuk2, Clockwork and Native, launched our own label - Pointless Edits - and had a hand in setting a new world record for the largest game of musical statues ever seen. It was as bizarre and brilliant as it sounds.

So what of 2008 for best before:? We'll be picking up where we left off in 2007 for sure, continuing to put on great guests at Bristol's best boozer-cum-disco rave den. We'll also be hosting parties with promoters from outside Bristol, bringing the best of the UK's underground eclectic/disco/freestyle nights to our fair city (and taking our Bristolian madness around the UK). We hope to put on the odd bigger night at other venues, too, with international guests.

Our first party of 2008 takes place on Saturday 5th January, when the legend that is Chris Duckenfield will be returning to rock our wee boozer with another great selection of disco, boogie and random party records. Once he finishes at 12mindight we'll all be heading over to Switch at Timbuk2, where Chris will be housing it up, myself and Legendary Tone will be doing the backroom disco thang and messrs Puffin and Carnage will be bringing the night to a close with a bang. It should be a belting start to 2008.

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