Thursday, 13 December 2007

The best before: Cosmic Christmas Cracker

Thanks to all those who made it down to the best before: Christmas party, which took place last Friday, December 14th, at our very own "disco boozer", The Bank in Bristol.

It was another typically fun evening, this time with a decidedly festive twist. Legendary Tone and partner Nicola did a great job dressing the pub up and setting up the extra soundsytem, so by the time we started it looked fantastic.

As usual, the vibe was friendly and open-minded, with a good mix of familiar faces and first-timers. Props to the Seen boys for ducking out of Kingpin at Timbuk2 a few times to check out the vibe. Shout outs, too, for Bournemouth Dan, who spent most of the evening launching into increasingly loud versions of his famous appreciative cheer!

The star of the show, though, was undoubtedly guest DJ Daniel Donnachie. Armed with two bags of records, he proceeded to treat us to a wonderful selection of disco, Balearica, Italo and who knows what else. I can't remember many of the records he played, but he had nearly all of us up and dancing to them from the moment he hit the decks at 11.30 (thanks, too, to Zoo's Matt Kennedy, who warmed up for Daniel and pitched it just right. Plus, he played 'Hold On' by Holy Ghost, which rocks). When he finished off with best before: favourite 'Stick Around', the place went nuts. Then Puffin Jack played The Pogues and it all went a bit wrong!

The next instalment of best before: takes place on Saturday January 5th, with old friend Chris Duckenfield joining us for another of his amazing disco/boogie sets. The last party Chris played was insane - easily the best one we've done - and I have a feeling next month's will be brilliant, too. We're all going on to play at Switch at Timbuk2 afterwards, so a big night beckons.

5 best before: December Highlights

1. Holy Ghost - Hold On (as played by Matt Kennedy)
2. Lexx - El Sueno Lucido (as played by Legendary Tone)
3. Laidback - White Horse (as played by Daniel Donnachie)
4. Caribou - She's The One [Kelley Polar Version] (as played by Sell By Dave)
5. Mindless Boogie - The Growler [Woolfy Edit] (as played by Daniel Donnachie)

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